Friday, May 27, 2011

thredUP: Help Joplin, MO while Cleaning out your Closets!

Have you been wondering about how you could help out those in need in Joplin, MO?   Here is an AWESOME way to help out. thredUP is a great company for swapping gently used clothes. We all know how quickly little ones grow out of their clothes!   

This company has come up with a fantastic system to trade up with others and it only costs $5, plus the flat rate shipping of $10.95.    When you sign up here, you get your first box FREE, all you pay is shipping. 

Here is the cool thing right now, if you want to help out Joplin, MO, thredUP will donate $10 when you post a box and it is purchased!

How to do it:

Get together a box of gently used toys or clothes and post it on thredUP (just click "post a box"). 

Once you have filled in all of the info requested about the box, there will be an option to donate your pick to help support a family in Joplin, MO.     

Then, when someone picks your box, you will get an email, print the label and ship the box!  thredUP donates $10 to help Joplin!

Great way to help out, while at the same time cleaning out the closets! Get started here. 

Keep in mind, you will still have the option to getting a box for FREE too- all you pay is the shipping. :)


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