Friday, May 27, 2011

HotSpex: New Survey Opportunity!

Here is a new Survey opportunity for you!

HotSpex is another survey company that rewards you for your time. This is a new one to me so I can't tell you about my personal experience with them, but I did sign up too and from looking at the site, they have opportunities to win monthly sweeps, plus earn points and rewards for surveys. 

Not sure how long the applications on this one will be open, so sign up now if interested! Be sure to confirm registration in email and then you can go right into taking surveys. 

If you are wondering why I post about survey opportunities, I make anywhere from $60-100 a month from doing surveys - no joke!   Just for spending a bit of time every evening or every couple days answering surveys while I watch tv.   It is a great way to have a bit of extra cash, whether it goes to bills or a "slush fund" for you! :)


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