Tuesday, February 15, 2011

S2H Activity Tracker only $10 + shipping = Earn Rewards!

Wow, check out this deal! I had never heard of these things until seeing this but sounds like quite a cool concept and deal. 

Over on Mamapedia today they have a deal where you can get a S2H activity tracker for only $10 (normally $20), shipping is not included but is about $5. 

You were this tracker and earn points as you are active throughout the day. For every 60 minutes you are active you get a code. Here is the cool thing -- those codes can be redeemed on their website for GIFT CARDS to popular stores like Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, etc.!!!

Sounds like an AWESOME deal to me, and a great motivation to get up off your butt and exercise :)  I just ordered mine. 

Get it here. (Note, sometimes they have a sign-up credit too, I am not sure if they do right now or not so if you are new to Mamapedia let us know if you get a credit!)


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