Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Exciting and yet slightly disturbing Trip to CVS

Well, originally this was going to be a post about the great deals that I scored at CVS and the killer deal I found! Unfortunately that changed after a somewhat disturbing experience there. 

I went there with a bunch of freebie coupons that I hadn't had a chance to use yet, plus my 20% off shopping pass AND my $10 WeShop CVS Gift card from a couple weeks ago. 

As I was walking the aisles looking for my freebies, I spotted all the Valentine's Day items were marked at 50% off! I pulled out my cell phone and started snapping pictures when I saw this:

A limited edition Pillow Pet 50% off?!?!??!  With the deals I had planned, I was going to be getting about $6 in ECB and thought this was a perfect surprise for my 4 year old daughter. (Read the whole post before you go running off to your local CVS...)

I threw one in my cart, snapped another pic of the candy on sale and headed on my way through the store:

Sooooo, I get up to check out, I was doing two transactions first with all my freebies, coupons and gift card and was then turning around to use the ECBs on the Pillow Pet. After I completed the first transaction, the cashier rang up my pillow pet, with the ECBS and tells me $15 something or another. I looked at him funny and said "what?!". 

I then tell him that there was a 50% off sign on all the Valentine's Day items. The Manager was at the register next to him and says, "Not on the Pillow Pets".   I whip out my cell phone at this point and pull up the picture, telling them I was so excited about the sale I was planning on sharing it and took a picture. I show it to him. He stands there looking at me like... "what do you want me to do about it?". I then ask, him if they are going to honor the price as that label is VERY CLEARLY on the Pillow Pet price tag.   

Said Manager then abruptly says "just give it to her". Ok, great. Well, I guess I am not going home to quickly tell everyone on the blog about this incredible Pillow Pet deal! 

After the transaction is completed (which I paid $5 out of pocket for), I mentioned to the cashier that he should probably take the tag off that label so this doesn't happen to others. His response "yes, I am heading there now as some people move the tags to rip us off". 

Well, ok then! Looking back at it, he probably thought I changed it as I was so prompt to pull up a picture of it... haha. I didn't tell him I was going home to blog about it.  Needless to say, it kind of ruined the whole "thrill" of my awesome shopping trip. 

What do you think? Would you have asked for the sale to be honored?


  1. i've had this happen before but the cashier wasn't quite AS rude about it. they aren't very good about their signage. i had to bring the woman over to where the sign was and physically show her it was clearly marked at 50% off. it makes me upset when this kind of thing happens on my shopping trips...they need to be more careful about putting sale signs up and not blame and suspect the customer.

  2. um i woud of been like well i most definatly didnt move the tag, and if t s on the there you will honor the price without an attitude or ill call your corporate office!
    ive NEVER had a problem with cvs. in fact im going to mine today to see if tehres a tag on their pillow pets and ill let ya know!

  3. Oh that is weird. Something I would expect from Walgreens, not CVS.

  4. I called the Corporate office this morning to let them know how the whole situation was handled. They were very apologetic and were planning on having the District Manager deal with it as a formal complaint.

    I did tell him at the time that I did not move the tag but was still rather disturbed about the whole thing. I agree it is unusual for CVS! I told the customer service rep that this morning too, I usually have excellent experience at CVS and did this trip too, until the end, LOL :)

  5. I think the remark, "just give it to her" tics me off more than anything.

  6. I agree I'm a sale shopper--I buy things because they are 50% off--half the time I get to the register and they are not on sale at Christmas this happened 75% of the time!! I love Target and Macy's for having the price scanners. I'm sick of being made to feel bad because the store made a mistake!!!! ---and 9 times out of 10 they don't bother sending someone to fix the mistake!!!