Friday, June 24, 2011

Toluna: Take Surveys, Test Products & Earn Money!

Toluna Surveys  is another great survey company that not only does regular surveys, but also sends out products to test!  If you missed out on this previously --- application is OPEN!

By participating in surveys, you tell the world’s leading providers of products and services exactly what you think and you earn rewards. Plus, each month Toluna panelists are considered to test products ranging from household cleaning products, pre-packaged foods, iPads, electronic equipment, make-up, hair care products, toiletries, pet food and pet-related products, beverages, and more! If a product testing opportunity arises, you will either get an email, or will see notification when you’re on the Toluna site… you will then be required to go through a screening process to see if you are eligible to test that specific product.

Right when you register with Toluna, you will automatically be entered into the monthly $2,500 sweepstakes AND you will receive an initial 500 points!

Every survey that you take you will earn at least 1,000 points, or more,  Points awarded vary by survey. I get emails daily for surveys anywhere from 1000-15000 points! 

When you sign up be sure to complete the Personal Interest Surveys as EACH completed interest survey is worth an additional 600 points and there are 15 of them!

Even if you don't qualify for a survey, you will still be rewarded with an entry to the monthly cash sweepstakes offering more chances to win! Three lucky winners each month win cash prizes of $2,500, $1,000, and $500, plus two winners snag prizes of $250!   A fellow blogger actually won $250 last month -- it does happen!
The points you earn can then be converted into cash rewards. 3,000 points = $1. So when you have reached a minimum account balance of 60,000 points, you can request a $20 check! 


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