Thursday, June 2, 2011

Opinion Outpost: FREE $1 just for signing up!

Do you like making easy money?!   Opinion Outpost is one of the FASTEST survey sites that I make money from. You can take ONE survey and have enough to cash out!   

They cash out at $5, every 10 Opinion Points = $1 and each survey pays anywhere between 10-75 points. You can cash out for straight cash or you can get gift cards too (including Amazon!). 

It is a pretty straightforward and easy to navigate site, doesn't send you off to other offers, PLUS they give you $1 just for confirming your registration! 

Within 48 hours of setting up your account you will start getting surveys. 

Definitely an easy way to build up your Amazon cash or get some extra cash!

If you are Spanish speaking, you can sign up here for extra survey opportunities for US Spanish speaking individuals!


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