Thursday, June 9, 2011

Open Sky: New Social Shopping Platform = Deals?!

This is a new site to me and I am quite intrigued!      They have quite a panel of celebrities and leaders in their professions giving you insight on what they like and use. Even better? They have daily sale on some of their favorite items.

Now, I'm not going to say these are inexpensive, as they aren't. But they are greatly discounted high-end items and who knows what fun deals they may come out with!   

What is OpenSky?

OpenSky is a social shopping platform that helps you discover and buy great products that fulfill your interests in Food,Style & Beauty, Healthy Living, and Home & Design.

How does OpenSky work?

Their philosophy is that shopping should be fun and we should love the products we buy.
From their site: 

Discover the best: OpenSky brings together a passionate and growing community of Curators—celebrities, authors, stylists, chefs and other trendsetters all with distinctive perspective, expertise and passion that is unique to their individual personalities—who provide to you the ultimate hook-up on the best of what they eat, buy, wear, use and love everyday.

Personalize your experience: We are overwhelmed by all of the daily deal emails and products on the web. All shoppers are not the same. At OpenSky, you only connect to the people that share your interests. By “following” Curators who share your passions, you can customize your shopping experience based on your individual interests. Curators that you follow offer you an exclusive look into their everyday lives alongside insider access to their personal product recommendations.

Have fun: It’s more fun shopping with friends who share our interests. We want to share what we like and see what our friends like. At OpenSky, you choose your circle of friends that you shop with.

Don't break the bank: We are frugal, but not cheap. We want the best products, but at prices that fit our lifestyle. At OpenSky, products are offered at exclusive pricing for the first 24-hours before becoming available in the Curators' browsable “collections”.

Shop happy
: We've all dealt with painful customer service. No thanks. At OpenSky, happiness is guaranteed. We pride ourselves on our delightful customer service and 90-day money back guarantee (no questions asked).

Head over here to check out the site and find celebrities (aka curators on the site) that share your passions and interests! Of course, it costs nothing to join and I found it to be a great site.


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