Wednesday, June 1, 2011

LAST CHANCE! Crowd Tap: Host an Old Navy Shorts Party = FREE shorts!

LAST chance on this one!! Applications for this Old Navy Shorts Party close June 2!

Did you sign up with Crowd Tap yet?  

Crowdtap is a great website that gives you opportunities to test products and earn cash while helping charities at the same time!  They regularly work with companies that want them to have products tested, or just want feedback from consumers. 

You can earn points, participate in discussions and in turn earn hard cold cash!  

Once you get to Level 3 (which is very easy by doing their "quick hits" and by participating in discussions), you will get offers for exciting product testing and more. Right now, through June 2nd, they are accepting applications to host an Old Navy Shorts Party!

If accepted, you will get FOUR coupons for FREE Old Navy Shorts! One for you and 3 for friends!! 

NOTE -- Some people get offered this new action and some don't, it depends on your demographics. However, from what I have seen more get it than don't so definitely check it out!

Here's how you can participate in this:

a) Head over here and sign up with Crowd Tap if you haven't already. You get $1 just for signing up!

b) Once you have signed up, complete your profile in full to earn more points.

c) Then do all the "quick hits" surveys that you will see on your home page to start moving you up the levels. 

d) Participate in the discussions to earn more points. 

e) Once you hit Level 3, you should see the Old Navy Shorts Party offer under "New Actions". 

Good luck and have fun :)


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