Friday, May 20, 2011

Kelloggs Passport to Adventure Game: FREE Gas Cards + more!

I posted this a few weeks back, but there are many new readers and I wanted to remind everyone of this!! I just received a "bonus code" in my email!  Are you collecting the codes too?

I am loving these promotions to get Gas cards!  Have you signed up with Kelloggs yet?  When you create an account on their site, not only can you print up to $5 in coupons, but you can also start playing the Kelloggs Passport to Adventure Game. 

If you already have a stash of Kelloggs cereals check them to see if you have any codes to enter! Now through 6/30/11, you can enter codes and redeems for prizes. 4 codes = a $5 gas card!

Sign up with Kelloggs here, you will then see a banner across the top for the Kelloggs Passport to Adventure game and you can enter your codes there. You will also see the participating cereals on that page. 

You can enter up to a total of 30 codes total for this game! 


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