Friday, May 6, 2011

EXPIRED- Price error?! Skechers Arcade Shoe (Brown) - $2.55 shipped!

Unfortunately cancellation emails are now being sent out :(   They are offering a 15% off discount in consolation for the inconvenience. 

NOTE: This may be a price error, so be warned -- the order may be canceled if that is the case. Fingers crossed though!

Here is a HOT Deal over on!!

These Men's Arcade Skechers in Chocolate are priced at only $3!   

Use the promo code WB when checking out to take the price down to only $2.55 (some areas may be charged tax). Then check the Skechers VIP option to get FREE Shipping too!

The Grey color shows up at $56 but the brown is only $3! 


  1. On my computer the Grey are showing up for 3.00 as well.

  2. Grey showed up as $3.00 but then after adding to cart it changed to $56 for me.

  3. Just ordered a pair for my husband. Thanks!

  4. if you ordered some did you get an e-mail confirmation because when I place my order it says a duplicate order was already submitted. I never got an e-mail conf though

  5. Ordered will see what happens hope they dont catch it and charge full price now that would suck :)

  6. I didn't think the order was going through so I tried a few different times. Now I have 54 pairs of shoes ordered and the confirmations just started coming, 2 hours after I gave up getting a order to go through. If you got the duplicate order notice, you have atleast 1 order placed already.

  7. WOW this was hard to do and error after error message for 2 hours..I went through all the steps but at the bottom it kept giving a error that shopping cart area, so my items was not showing up. I still did all the steps, clicked submit order..nothing happened..I just stayed on the same page. I contacted them through the website to tech department that they have a HUGE problem.

    I'll wait a few hours to see if I get a confirmation email...I don't want 54 pairs order like above...LOL

    Plus I tryed ordering the shopping cart it showed up $56 not $3.00

  8. The website seems to be working better..I was able to log in to account, check order history WITH NO error pages and MY ORDER WAS THERE!! Have not gotten a email confirmation yet.

    BUT the promotional code EXTWWB536N I used was NOT APPLY! Total cost for 4 pairs of chocolate $12.00...I sent a support ticket on it..maybe the will correct the promotional code and apply it to my order. If they don't..I'll still be happy with 4 pairs at 12 bucks instead of full price at $224 BUCKS!!!

  9. Just got a cancellation email ... said it was incorrectly priced.

  10. Just got my cancel notice..but they gave the following way I can price full price shoes from them:

    Please accept our apology and know that we value your business. We would like to offer you a 15% discount on your next order on :
    Discount code: MAY1551017
    15% off with free shipping
    Excludes sale items, S2lites, SRRs, SRTs, Prospeed and LIV