Tuesday, May 17, 2011

*HOT* My Survey Open for Applicants! + Make Some Extra Cash with Surveys

There are a few of my favorite Survey companies that are accepting applicants again. If you are stay at home mom, or someone who like a bit of extra cash every month, I really recommend signing up for a couple of these. I make anywhere between $70-100 extra cash, just from answering surveys at night. It adds up! 

Here are a few of my favorites that are currently accepting new members:

Valued Opinions -- gives up to $5 per survey.   They send pretty regular surveys and you can rapidly earn money. 

My Survey -- This one is definitely on the top of my list! They give out free items to test, PLUS pay you for answering the surveys about  the products. Excellent and reliable company.  Note -- this one always fills up rapidly, so apply now while open.

National Consumer Panel -- Once accepted you will get a scanner and scan your purchases, NCP does this for general survey info and averages across the US.  In turn, you earn points and then REWARDS.

Toluna - This is another one that is awesome for HIGH paying surveys, while they are not everyday, you can get surveys that are over $20 a piece. Plus, they also send out products to test.


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