Wednesday, May 4, 2011

**HOT** Dozen Fancy Dipped Strawberries for $5 after rebate! ($10-15 now)

Wow, here is a GREAT deal on Fancy Dipped Strawberries over on ProFlowers! Unfortunately this is not something that would be on time for Mother's Day (although you can pay a little extra for Mother's Day delivery!)  But nonetheless an incredible deal!

I posted about this ProFlowers Deal over on Mamapedia this morning. 

Well, these Fancy Dipped Strawberries get FREE standard delivery and cost only $29.98. 

Here is the order that I just placed, for delivery on Tuesday (yes, this is my Mother's Day gift ;) )

Order Total
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Free Standard Shipping on Full Dozen Giant Dipped Fancy Berries $54.98:$29.98
Free Standard Shipping-$9.99
Standard Delivery$9.99
MamaPedia Discount-$30.00


Here is how you can get this deal:

*Go to Mamapedia and purchase the $30 voucher for $15, if you are new to Mamapedia you will only have to pay $10 (you should see a $5 credit for signing up). 

*The voucher is available for use immediately, follow the link on the voucher page through to ProFlowers and search for item number 30050099 - you will see these yummy looking strawberries :). Add to your cart. If you want Mother's Day delivery -- there is a small charge but considering what you are getting it isn't bad at all!

*Follow through the steps to check out, including entering a credit card and going to the FINAL review order page. At that page you will enter your Mamapedia voucher number.  Your total will drop to $0! (Or just shipping cost for Mother's Day delivery.)

*After you place your order you can choose between a 14 issue subscription to Taste of Home Magazine or a $9.99 rebate! If you got your $5 Mamapedia credit, this whole order would be FREE after rebate!!


  1. After I completed my order at ProFlowers, I didn't see the magazine offer. Am I missing something? thanks!

  2. The offer should be in your email confirmation but just in case, here is the link:

  3. Where do you get an option to choose the $10 rebate instead of the subscription?

  4. Okay nevermind I figured that out... but how do you get the free standard shipping discount?

  5. Okay ignore my questions, haha sorry. Took me a while but I think I got it. Thanks!