Sunday, May 8, 2011

HomeSav: Free $10 Credit + Melissa & Doug Easel as low as $23!!

If you haven't already, I highly recommend heading over here to check out HomeSav

They are a daily flash sale site that has all kind of fun home accessories. When you sign up here, you will get a $10 credit that you can use toward your first purchase!   

Monday morning, 5/9, starting at 9am EST they are launching a Melissa & Doug sale! I am excited about this one as Melissa & Doug have some really great quality toys. I'm hoping that they have some great discounts too! 

Head over here and sign up now to get your credit, then 9am EST be sure to check out the website for the sale! (Note, I am on the west coast so figured I should post about this now just in case there are any extra inexpensive items that will sell out fast! Hopefully I will still be sleeping at 9am EST (6am)... )

Update!: The sale has now started and WOW there are some incredible prices and deals to be had here!!! 

You can get the Melissa and Doug Easel (which is $65 on Amazon!) for only $22.95 shipped by doing the following::

b) Then head on over to Mamapedia and buy the $20 for $40 in HomeSav credits. (if you are new to Mamapedia, this will get a $5 credit too!)

c) Once your voucher has been activated (mine was activated within a few hours), go back over to Home Sav and you can buy the Melissa and Doug Easel for $45+ $7.95 shipping.

d) Use your voucher and the credit making it only another $2.95 shipped!!

(Note: In order to use your Mamapedia voucher, you must have a total of $40+)

(Update as of 12:30pm EST -- They had some technical difficulties this morning but the Mamapedia vouchers are now working with no issues on the HomeSav site!)


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