Tuesday, April 5, 2011

T.G.I Friday's FREE $10 Gift Card with Purchase of New Menu Item

WOW, this is a HOT promotion if you have a T.G.I Friday's participating your area!

Through the 15th of April, some T.G.I Friday's are doing a promotion to encourage people to try their new menu items. When you order an item off their new menu you will get a $10 gift card toward a future visit. This is per item ordered too! So let's say you and your significant other both order something off the new items, you will get $20 in gift cards for your next visit! WOW!!

Call your local T.G.I Friday's beforehand to see if your's is participating in this promotion. I have heard of many that are but a few select that aren't so do check first!

Here is a link to their locator so you can get the phone number!

Thanks, Hip2Save!


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