Saturday, April 9, 2011

No More Rack - Possible FREE Mystery bag and/or box!

Several months back, many of you may have signed up with No More Rack during one of their promotions to get new members. I know I posted about them a few times back when they had promotions for referring friends. 

Well at Christmas, and at Valentine's Day they also gave all their members a $5 credit - which hasn't expired. 

Today, I happened to stop by their website and see they have these mystery boxes priced starting as low as $2 up to $25. I was able to get a $4 and a $2 (+ the $4 shipping cost) without paying a cent! I just used the Christmas and Valentine's Day credits that had been sitting there unused. 

I am posting about this as I know many of you signed up back before Christmas and may have forgotten about it as I don't regular post about their deals.    

If you haven't already signed up with No More Rack, you can sign up here, you will get a credit of $5 off your first $20+ purchase (but you never know when they will have more credits!). 

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  1. dear blogger. may i know if the graphics above mystery bag is yours? if it is, can i seek permission to use it?