Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Graveyard Mall: Gardening Mystery Boxes!

Graveyard Mall is offering one of their awesome Mystery Boxes again today! This one is full of primarily gardening tools!   It will include a couple other items too. Juts fill in some info about your family/interests in the comments section of the order so you can get items that you will like! Include things like ages, genders of you family, sizes, any major hobbies and what-not -- you never know what you may get :)

The price on these is $21.99 + $6.99 shipping (may vary on the shipping). 

An example of what one of these gardening mystery boxes has included in the past (this was one that was ONLY Gardening supplies):

Gilmour Timer Impulse Sprinkler $21
Yard Works Water on/off Foot Pedal $8
Gecko Sprinkler for a pot with hose, and connections $5
Swivel Grass Shears $8
Sure Cut 7 ¾ Metal heavy duty pruner $12
North States Hanging Birdfeeder $12
Hen Feathers Thermometer $27

Not bad for only $28!


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