Monday, April 25, 2011

BuyWithMe: As low as $6 for two AMC Movie Tickets!

This is a great one to save on a date night!

BuyWithMe is another daily deals site (yes, there are too many to keep up with!), today they have a deal for two AMC Silver Experience tickets for only $11 (up to a $26 value). 

When you sign up with BuyWithMe here, you will get $5 in credit = only $6 for two tickets!  If you don't see the deal on your page, just look under Phoenix to get the deal.

While the tickets are good at any AMC theater, the shipping is limited to the following states:
RI, NH, NJ, NY, CT, MA, DC, VA, TX, WA, CA, AZ, IL, WI, PA, MD, GA   

They will mail you your tickets within 10-14 days and they NEVER expire!  Be sure to read the rest of the details on the page too!

Get it here.

(Note: This is my referral link, if you don't feel comfortable using that, not a problem you can go straight to and sign up! But, you will not get the $5 credit unless you use the referral link.)


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