Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amazon: HUGE Sale on Koppers Chocolates! Over 70% off!!

Koppers Pastel Berry Patch Fruit Mix, 5-Pound Bag

I'm apologizing in advance for posting this one.... but oh my, if you have any reason to buy chocolate covered fruit, nuts and more, this is for you!! 

Amazon is having a HUGE sale on all Koppers chocolate items right now. I'm talking like 70% off! 

Koppers Pastel Berry Patch Fruit Mix, 5-Pound Bag is only $13.12 shipped with Amazon Prime!  (Sold out) If you are at all familiar with Chocolate covered fruit items, you will know these are normally a lot more than that -- retail price on that one specifically is $44!

They also have many different pastels like this Koppers Milk Chocolate Milkies, Pastel Blue & White, 5-Pound Bag for under $10! 


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