Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You've Signed up with Swagbucks - Now What?!

I've gotten a couple questions from readers about HOW to actually use Swagbucks and earn enough to get Amazon gift cards. 

Here are a few of the ways that I make Swagbucks:

  • Most importantly, install the toolbar. When you are going to a website, use the toolbar to search for it and go to the website. Use the toolbar to do any searches that you would normally do on another search engine. 
  • Use Swagbucks to watch any videos of news that you would normally watch elsewhere. Every so many videos that you watch on SwagTV you get Swagbucks. Sometimes more than others!
  • Do the daily poll, only a swagbuck each day, but hey -- they add up!
  • Connect your Swagbucks account with your Facebook page, when you earn swagbucks it will automatically post to your page with your referral link included -- you can make swagbucks from referrals too!
  • Take surveys! Complete your profile and they will give you surveys that you may qualify for and you can then earn more swagbucks!
  • Watch for special deals that you can buy through Swagbucks, sometimes they will have the hot Groupon deals or deals from Living Social and when you buy through them you will get a large amount of Swagbucks (hundreds!)
  • Print coupons through Swagbucks, when you print coupons through them, you will get 10 swagbucks for each coupon that is USED. Takes several weeks to be credited but it will show up!
  • Play games through Swagbucks. You can actually play online games and earn swagbucks too!

Those are the key ways that I have found successful for earning swagbucks! If you have other tips and tricks share them here!

If you haven't already, sign up with Swagbucks here.  If you have signed up and haven't started earning, try it out! You will be surprised at how quickly the swagbucks add up. 


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