Friday, March 18, 2011

Just paid $0 for a HUGE box of Diapers - How you can TOO!

Luvs Premium Stretch Diapers with Ultra Leakguards, Size 5 (27+ Lbs), 150 Diapers
I rarely pay a cent for diapers anymore (and hopefully won't have to even order them here soon!).  Buying diapers is one of the most expensive aspects of raising a baby and there ARE ways to cut back on this a lot or all together as I will explain here. 

You can see the breakdown of my Amazon Order here:

Item(s) Subtotal:$35.05
Shipping & Handling:$0.00
Promotion Applied:-$10.00
Promotion Applied:-$10.52
Total Before Tax:$14.53
Sales Tax:$0.00
Gift Certificate/Card Amount:$14.53
Total for This Shipment:$0.00
Total paid by Gift Certificate/Card:$14.53

So, how did I pay NOTHING out of pocket for these?

You will see the first promotion applied is $10 off. I got a coupon from Baby Talk Magazine for $10 off any Amazon Baby store purchase.  (Baby Talk Magazine subscription cost nothing too!)

Secondly, you will see that another $10.52 came off -- this was using the subscribe & save option AND Amazon Moms, another 30% off. 

If I had a 20% off Amazon Diapers coupon, I could have used that as well but I didn't have one available (would have brought my total paid by gift card down to only $7.52!). After I placed this order, I also saw that someone else was able to use TWO $10 off codes in one order?!   I actually have another $10 off code but learned of this after the fact, so that is another possibility. 

Now for the gift card, this Amazon credit is ALL from Swagbucks. From doing regular searches, printing coupons, surveys and whatnot through Swagbucks I earn Amazon gift cards regularly. 

If you actually use Swagbucks, you WILL earn bucks and be able to redeem them for $5 Amazon gift cards, I get at least 1 a week. 

Even without the Amazon credit, $14.53 for 150 Size 5 Diapers is one heck of a deal!  But FREE is always better :)   

When you sign up with Swagbucks for the first time, you will get a bonus 30 swagbucks too! 


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