Thursday, March 31, 2011

HOT - $17.50 for a $50 Voucher to American Apparel

Buy With Me is another daily deals site (yes, I know there are too many to keep track of!) and they just launched daily deals in the Seattle area so have a promo code to give you an extra 30% off your purchase!

Today's deal (listed under Seattle) is a $50 Gift Voucher to American Apparel, you can either buy the in-store version or a voucher to use online (on the right of the page). 

Using the promo code WELCOMESEATTLE it makes this deal only $17.50!  Even better, if you signed up back in February and still have your $10 credit (unfortunately, I do not think they are doing the credit right now), this could be as low as $7.50!

The voucher cannot be used toward shipping, but shipping is just a flat $5 so not bad for a $50 purchase! Out of pocket will end up only being $23.50 or even $13.50 with the credit. 


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