Thursday, March 24, 2011

$5/1 Disney's Tangled Combo Pack, Rebates + More!

Disney has again released a great coupon for a new release. Tangled comes out next Tuesday and you can head over here and sign in/sign up for Disney Movie Rewards and print a $5/1 4-Disc combo pack coupon. 

Once we have the ads and what not I will let you know where I see the best deals to use the coupon. I know that there are also a couple rebates that can be used too:

Success Rice: If you buy two packages of Success Rice, you can submit for this $5 rebate here. (Note, this rebate works with just the DVD Plus purchase as well as the BluRay). 

CostCutters: If you get an adult or child hair cut at CostCutters, you can submit for a $5 Rebate with this form.

Or, you can pre-order the movie through Amazon here:

Tangled (DVD)

If you order the BluRay/DVD Combo or the 4 disc combo, you can get $10 off when you buy another select title as well. 

Lots of choices.  I think I may go the Amazon route for this one as the 4-disc combo (the one that you can use the coupon with) is priced at $29.99 pretty much everywhere I have looked so far. If I see a better deal on it I will keep you posted!


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