Monday, February 28, 2011

Swagbucks Birthday = BIG rewards for new and existing members!

I was mistaken last Monday, Swagbucks birthday is actually TODAY!

I've already won over 30 swagbucks for searches on random things today (and I've only been up for 30 minutes!) so be sure you are using your toolbar and do those searches! As a tip, I tend to search for whatever website I am going to rather than typing in the web address, add a couple seconds but often gets me swagbucks. 

If you haven't already, sign up with Swagbucks here. Be sure to install the toolbar and explore the rest of the site for easy ways to get Swagbucks.  Just for signing up -- through TODAY ONLY -- you can get 80 bonus  swagbucks! You will get 30 for signing up, then enter the swagbucks code BirthdayLiving to get an EXTRA 50 swagbucks!  

For those of you already signed up with Swagbucks, there is also a swagbucks code, worth 10 swagbucks on the Swagbucks blog right now! Good until 9am PST. 


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