Thursday, February 10, 2011

HOT! PG eStore Deal - Free shipping + a Free Febreze Sweetheart Bouquet refill!

Update: The $10 off code appears to no longer work, however they still have quite a few good deals and you can get FREE shipping and the Febreze item. 

HOT deal over on the P&G eStore right now!!

In order to take advantage of this, you need to follow these instructions EXACTLY:

a) Go here and sign up for P&G emails, you will be given a code which will get you FREE shipping plus a FREE Limited Edition Febreze Sweetheart Bouquet Refill (2-pack). 

b) Then go to this link here. Order from the "Future Friendly" items.

c) Add at least $10.01 in product to your cart, note there are many items that have "clickable" coupons so be sure to take advantage of that too. (Keep in mind, you will also get a "welcome to the e-Store 10% off too -- needs to be $10.01 or more after discounts!)

d) Check out and put in the coupon code you got in step A above, you will get your FREE shipping, plus the Febreze item will be added. 

e) Enter in the promo code FF112010FB and you will get $10 off your purchase. 

I was able to get a 12 pack of Charmin toilet paper and a 32 pack of Cascade action-pacs for only $4 shipped! (Oh, plus the Febreze thing too!)

Let us know what you snag!


  1. Says the promo code is invalid? =(

  2. I got the same thing...says promo code is invalid (the second one for $10 off)

  3. I think they stopped the $10 off code now, I am not able to get it to work anymore.

    You can still get inexpensive deals with free shipping when you use the first code. As you the $10 off code isn't working anymore, you aren't limited to just the future friendly items but can grab anything on the site.