Friday, February 4, 2011

Dr. Oz is at it again....! Lots of giveaways on Monday!

Well, Dr. Oz is hosting ANOTHER bunch of giveaways this Monday at 3pm EST. 

I know that some had luck with them last time, I didn't on the last round but have previously!  Here is the current scoop on what he is giving away:

* Nook e-Reader (unknown number of winners)
* Aerosoles Shoes (800 winners)
* $100 SpaWeek Gift Card (100 winners)
* 17-piece Original Magic Bullet Blender (200 winners)
* Essentia Memory Foam Pillow (200 winners)
* HoMedics Swedish Massage Cushion with Heat (200 winners)

My personal tips on getting these:

a)  Pick which ONE you want, unless you have two people doing it on two different computers you will only be able to get one. 
b) I have tried several different browsers for these giveaways and have had most luck with Firefox. Definitely NOT Internet Explorer. I use Google Chrome for most things and have had some success with that during the giveaways but more so with Firefox. 
c) Refresh about 10 seconds BEFORE the hour. 
d) Use roboform or some other similar tool to autofill your forms. This is a free download and is WAY faster than anything else when it comes to filling out your info for such giveaways. 

Do know beforehand, these will be slow, overloaded and likely impossible to get but some people will get through so hopefully that is YOU!   Like I said before, I have gotten through on these before, it is possible. 

Also, last time when the giveaway actually started there was a DIFFERENT link, be aware of that and be ready to copy/paste and go to a new link -- the links I have posted above are what is up now but could very well change. 

Best of luck to everyone and of course I will post a reminder on Monday, about 30 minutes before the giveaway starts. 


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