Monday, January 10, 2011

Target: FREE Kashi cereal!!

GREAT deal on Kashi Cereal right now, if you like this cereal, you'll know it isn't the cheapest one to buy!

Target has it on sale for $2.99 a box this week. 

At Recycle Bank there is a coupon for $3/1 box coupon, which you should be able to print twice using the browser back button. The "cost" of the coupon is 90 Recycle points, if you are new to Recycle Bank, here is how to get 90 points:

- Sign up with Recycle Bank here (you will get 25 points)
- When you go into your account you can get an easy 50 points by joining the Ebay Reusing conversation (easy click)
- Take the MillerCoors Sustainability Quiz here for another 30 points. 

Then buy your coupon, be sure to hit the browser back button to print the coupon a second time and you can pick up TWO free boxes of Kashi!


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