Sunday, January 16, 2011

Expired - Playstation 3 for $60 shipped?! Pricing Error?

Expired now. We shall see what happens!

Ok, I REALLY do not think this one is going to go through but if it did and I didn't tell everyone about it I wouldn't be doing my job!  So here we go:

Amazon (via Target) has the Sony Playstation 3 listed at $39.99 right now, after shipping and tax it comes out to about $60. 

It says out of stock right now but will ship when in stock!

Worth a shot at that price! You won't be charged until shipped. 


  1. link is dead--you're right. too good to be true!

  2. I got through & purchased one @ the $39.99 price. Got a confirmation e-mail, haven't received a cancellation e-mail. I'll keep you posted. Thanks mama :)

  3. I got my cancellation email tonight:(

  4. I got my cancellation email also....Oh well,,,we tried.