Friday, January 7, 2011

No More Rack - Free $10 Credit

Well this is exciting!

No More Rack is doing it again!  When you sign up here you get a $10 credit that you can use on your next purchase with them (they have new heavily discounted products everyday). 

The exciting thing is, now through February 7th they have a game going for referrals! The more you get, the more you can win. With over 30 days to do it you should be able to get something nice! Feel free to leave your referral links in the comments.  

The prizes:

15 friends - Stila Shine Lip Gloss
30 friends - Bobbi Brown Desert Rose Stick Blush
35 friends - Charm Bracelet
40 friends - Lip Fusion XL Duos Boxed Set
55 friends - Geneva watch
70 friends - Cloth Logic Jacket
125 friends - Apple TV
200 friends - iPod Nano
650 friends - iPad
900 friends - Mac Air Book

With any prizes we win through the blog I will do a giveaway once received. Sign up here!

1 comment:

  1. thanks did it. shopittome still has their promo on.. Shop it to me is also running a similar promo for new members. $10 gift card you get to choose from..starbucks, amazon, j crew..etc

    New members--get $10 gift card bloomingdales, amazon,starbux others ..pick!