Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mamapedia: Kiwi Magazine Subscription as low as $1!

Mamapedia has a great deal on Kiwi Magazine right now. This is an excellent parent's magazine with all kinds of tips on everything from fun food recipes, to crafts, games and tons more. It is printed on recycled paper and all for being eco-friendly. 

Plus, there are often good coupon on organic and natural items, that you don't always find coupons easily for. 

When you sign up with Mamapedia, you get $5 in credit to start you off. So a one-year subscription would only be $1!  OR you can use the promo code 1YEARKIWI2 and get it for only $2 (and save your $5 if you have it)

You can also get a 2 year subscription for only $4 with the promo code 2YEARKIWI4. 

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