Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hastings: 40% off all Used BluRays + B1G1 for a $1!!

WOW -- So the deal I posted about earlier in the week is even BETTER!

All of Hastings used Blu Ray discs are 40% off through Monday. PLUS, when you buy ONE you get another for ONE DOLLAR! You can get 4 BluRays for just about the price of one with this deal. 

There was some back and forth on this yesterday so if you bought some and didn't get the deal, I would take your receipt back in to get it! I bought three at just 40% off and was told they weren't doing the get one for a dollar deal in combination with the 40% off but now just got a call that they are in fact doing it!    I went trash diving to find my receipt as I am heading back tomorrow :)

As a plug for these "used" BluRays, the three I bought were actually BRAND new, one even still had the original seal on it, sometimes people sell back unopened copies which are then sold as used. 

Another great sale that they have going on is on used books. All of their used books (up to a $29.99 value) are 5 for $20!  

You can see if you have a Hastings near you here


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