Friday, December 10, 2010

*Expired* Playhouse Boxes only $5 shipped!!!

NOTE: There are some issues with their website right now which they are working to resolve so that the coupon codes show up correctly. They are stating that the deal will be honored for all purchases. 

GREAT deal on Gaggle of Chicks today.  

You can get a Box Creations Playhouse for only $15 shipped, but here's the kicker, when you sign up here for the first time you get $10 in credit! So, for $5 you can get one of these great playhouses! 

There are several choices on the playhouse too:

-Princess Carriage
-Medieval Castle
-Pirate Ship
-Country Cottage Playhouse
-Space Shuttle

I don't know about your kids, but mine LOVE playing with boxes around the house (especially as we've had all kinds of goodies delivered lately!)  For $5 you can give them one that is a "REAL" playhouse. 

Edit - The other cool thing about these is that as they are white, your kids can color them how they want it to look! Comes with 4 markers too. 


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