Sunday, November 14, 2010

Norah Jones' New Album - Featuring...

...Featuring Norah Jones

I received Norah Jones album "Featuring..." this past week for review from the One2One Network.

Her new album comes out this Tuesday, you can pre-order it through Amazon here

Norah has such an incredible and unique voice that really transcends all genres. At first I was a little skeptical as this album has literally everyone from Foo Fighters to Willie Nelson on it! But, after I started listening to it each song she does just proved how talented she actually is. 

In total honesty, I did not like every single song on the Album, there were a couple that are just not "me". I am not a big Country fan though and 1 or 2 were more Country than I cared for. My favorite though, after I just claimed to not like Country (ha ha) was probably her rendition of "Baby It's Cold Outside" with Willie Nelson. 

Living SW Arizona for the first time during the holiday season, it doesn't feel like mid November, but listening to that song (and several others on the CD), actually got me in to the "holiday feel". 

Overall, I would if you like Norah Jones, I highly recommend this album as she doesn't let you down!

Amazon has a good deal on her new CD right now too, only $9.99 pre-order. 


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