Friday, November 12, 2010

Gilt Group $20 Credit Still Available! Kids items FREE!

I posted about this the other night but Gilt Group now has a sale with kids lunch boxes and Where the Wild Things Are toys that you can actually score for FREE using the $20 credit you get for signing up. This is something that was sponsered by MTV and Gilt Group.  Note: You have to use this link to sign up --- no other referral link will give you the $20 credit, so when you tell your friends about it be sure to give them this link too. 

One thing you can do to maximize what you get for FREE is to invite 10 friends, you then get free shipping. (All that you have to do is send the invites, no sign up required!) 

By doing that you can actually get TWO items from this current sale without paying a cent. I was able to get the Bernard doll above, PLUS a lunch box too. 

Can't beat FREE Christmas gifts!


  1. I have been trying to use this since yesterday and it does not work for me. I sign up for the site using the link, sign out, and then it says invalid email or password. How does everyone else get it to work?

  2. That is odd Laurie. I was able to sign up, as was my husband on that link. Follow the link, sign up and then once you put something into your cart the credit shows up. Have you signed up previously?

  3. I signed up and it worked by showing the credit, but it did still ask for a credit card number. Did it do that to you? Just want to make sure it is safe before I do it. Thanks!! Loving all these offers you keep showing on here!

  4. Yes, it is normal for it to still ask for a cc. :) Didn't charge anything though, in fact I used a prepaid Greendot Visa that had nothing on it. But it is a safe site too. :)