Monday, October 25, 2010

What is the Most Important Appliance my Kitchen?

I have not been cooking for long, but since having kids 4 years ago learning how to cook healthy, delicious meals and do it WELL has been a learning experience!

Both cooking and saving money have become a passion and obsession! So when Sears asked what the most important appliance in my home was there were definitely a few to be considered.

Of all the appliances in my home, my refrigerator would be the single one that I could not live without. It is a basic model, nothing fancy at all but being able to stock up on food (and keep it cold!) is crucial for my cooking and money-saving habits.

We recently moved and the one appliance that I actually took with us was my fridge, the house we are in now came with one as well, so I have set up one in the garage for extra storage. Having the ability to stock up on frozen items when they are on sale greatly reduces my shopping costs.

Since setting up the extra fridge I would say we have reduced the grocery bill by over $100 a month. I find the best deals while they are happening, combine the coupons and stock up!

When I said that my passion was cooking, you probably thought that I would say my stove is my most important appliance? I thought about it, that's for sure! After much consideration I realized that I can cook most meals either on the grill or in the crock pot, thus the fridge one the battle!

I often go into the Sears showroom and drool over all the fancy refrigerators and ranges but for now my GE in the kitchen and Whirlpool in the garage will have to do.

What is YOUR most important kitchen appliance?


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